Wrap Around Label BOPP Films

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Wrap Around Label BOPP Films

Our Wrap Around Label Film is widely used for food & beverage product labelling by top brands in the industry. We supply wrap film for both cut & stack, and reel fed application. These are available under different categories.

Metalized Wrap Around

In Mould labels are getting increasingly popular due to good aesthetics, durability of the label and the elimination of an additional step of labelling the container. Our current portfolio consists of white films with good anti-static and orange peel effect. Transparent films are under development.

Available Types:
  • HST-1(PLO) MO : Metalized White Opaque Wrap Around Label Film
Pearlised Metalized Pigmented

Our Pearlised Wrap Around Label Film is known for superior quality & aesthetics. Employed by top brands across the globe, these food & beverage label films are compatible with both cut-stack & reel fed applications. Scroll down for details.

Available Types:
  • HST-2(PL) MO
Pearlised Pigmented

Give an edge to the product with its shiny metal-like appearance & excellent printability. These are suitable for cut-stock & reel fed applications. Scroll down for details.

Available Types:
  • HST-2 (PLO) LB : White Opaque Cut & Stack Label Film(Both Side Treated)
  • HST-1(PLO) LB
  • HST-1(PLO) LB HS
  • PCT-2(PLO) LB
  • PCT-2(PLO) LB55
  • HST-2(PL)
  • PCT-2(M) LB
  • PCT-2(PL) LB
Transparent Wrap Around

Our transparent Wrap Around Label Film showcases excellent printability & application. These are used by leading food & beverage brands for product labelling. These are suitable for cut & stack as well as reel fed application. Scroll down to know more.

Available Types:
  • PCT-1(S/S) LB : Transparent Wrap Around Label Film
  • PCT-1(LB)
  • PCT-2(S/S) LB