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Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate, or BOPET, is an advanced polyester film valued for its remarkable strength, transparency, and resistance to high temperatures. Renowned for their robust tensile strength and chemical stability, these films serve a multitude of purposes, from packaging and electrical insulation to imaging applications. The unique combination of clarity, durability, and thermal resilience makes BOPET films indispensable in various industries.

Corona Treated Transparent

This clear film has undergone a corona treatment process, improving its surface properties for better adhesion and printability. This treatment enhances the film's versatility, making it suitable for applications where improved adhesion and print quality are essential.

Available Types:
  • CF-B0-PAF - BOPET Packaging Transparent Film
COPET Coated Transparent

These are films with a layer of COPET applied to their surface. This coating enhances specific properties, such as barrier capabilities, adhesion, or printability, depending on the intended use. These films are versatile and find applications in packaging, labels, and other industries where the combined attributes of BOPET and COPET are advantageous.

Available Types:
  • CF-B0-CPF - BOPET Transparent Film
Special Chemical Coated Transparent

Special Chemical Coated films have a coating composed of specific chemicals. This coating is designed to enhance the film's performance, offering improvements in properties such as barrier capabilities, adhesion, printability, or resistance to environmental factors

Available Types:
  • CF-MAF - BOPET Packaging Transparent Film
UV Offset Printable Transparent

This film is designed for UV offset printing processes, ensuring vibrant and sharp prints with quick drying using ultraviolet light. The film maintains transparency, allowing clear visibility of printed content.

Available Types:
  • BLF
Release Transparent

This film has special properties and is designed for easy release from adhesive surfaces. Despite its release capabilities, the film maintains transparency, making it suitable for various applications. It serves a crucial role in industries were maintaining the integrity of the adhesive layer during manufacturing processes is essential, contributing to processing ease and overall efficiency.

Available Types:
  • RLF
Twist wrap Transparent

This film is a specialized material used for wrapping candies and confectionery items. Its transparency allows for an attractive display of the packaged product, while its twistable nature enables a traditional and secure wrapping style. The film provides effective sealing, ensuring freshness and hygiene, and is designed for use with high-speed packaging machines in the confectionery industry.

Available Types:
  • TGF
Yarn Grade Transparent

This film is designed for use in the textile industry during yarn manufacturing processes. With transparency for visibility and tailored tensile strength characteristics, this film protects and handles yarn efficiently.

Available Types:
  • YGF
Antifog lidding Transparent

The film is a specialized packaging material designed to prevent fogging on the inside surface, ensuring clear visibility of the packaged contents. It is commonly used in food packaging, particularly for fresh produce and refrigerated items, where temperature variations may lead to condensation.

Available Types:
  • PSF(AF)
Thick film Transparent

This film comes with a higher thickness, providing increased durability and stiffness, and is suitable for applications requiring robust packaging and enhanced mechanical strength. Depending on the formulation, they may offer improved barrier properties and printability, making them versatile for various industries.

Available Types:
  • LHF
  • NHF
Corona treated Metallized

This film has a metal layer deposited on its surface, enhancing barrier properties against moisture and gases. The film undergoes corona treatment, improving adhesion and printability for coatings and inks. This combination results in improved adhesion between the metal layer and the film.

Available Types:
  • PAF(MO)
COPET Coated Metallized

This film involves depositing a thin layer of metal onto BOPET film for enhanced barrier properties. Additionally, the film is coated with COPET (Coated Polyester), introducing functionalities like improved adhesion, printability, or specific barrier enhancements. This combination results in a film suitable for various industries, offering tailored solutions for flexible packaging, labels, and other applications with specific requirements.

Available Types:
  • CPF(MO)
Special Chemical Coated Metallized

This Special Chemical Coated film is a Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate film that combines metallization with a special chemical coating. The metallization involves depositing a thin layer of metal, enhancing barrier properties. The special chemical coating introduces unique functionalities, such as improved adhesion, printability, or resistance to environmental factors.

Available Types:
  • MAF(MO)
UV Offset Printable Metallized

The UV Offset Printable Metallized film combines metallization with compatibility for UV offset printing. The metal layer enhances barrier properties against moisture and environmental factors. Optimized for UV offset printing, the film allows for vibrant and sharp prints using UV-curable inks.

Available Types:
  • BLF(MO)
Twist Metallized

Twist Metallized film is designed for twist-wrapping applications in the confectionery industry. It features a thin layer of metal for enhanced barrier properties, allowing for the secure and distinctive wrapping.

Available Types:
  • TGF(MO)