PET-G Films

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PET-G Films

Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-Modified (PET-G) is a thermoplastic polyester distinguished by its glycol-enhanced composition, achieved through glycolysis at a molecular level. Renowned for its superior performance, PET-G exhibits remarkable clarity and transparency crucial for applications requiring optical precision. Surpassing standard PET films, PET-G excels in impact resistance, ensuring heightened durability. Its adaptability extends to diverse industries, finding applications in packaging, labels, graphics, and various industrial uses where a harmonious blend of optical clarity, durability, and chemical stability is imperative. The film boasts excellent chemical resistance and formability, facilitating manufacturing processes. Beyond its robustness, PET-G's versatility shines in conversion techniques such as sheeting, slitting, and guillotining. Particularly favoured for heat-shrink applications, PET-G offers low shrink stress, high transverse shrink rates, low longitudinal shrink rates, and minimal haze, making it a preferred choice for heat-shrink films like shrink sleeves.

High Shrinkage

This film is known for its exceptional ability to shrink tightly around objects when exposed to heat. Despite its high shrinkage, the film maintains transparency and offers durability.

Available Types:
  • HSPF