At Cosmo Films we believe in ‘Packaging with Purpose’. We are constantly pioneering innovations that empower a sustainable future with eco-friendly and responsible packaging solutions. We manufacture a range of eco-friendly packaging products using of renewable resources, promoting reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and waste minimisation.

Our Featured Products

Flexible Packaging

Our Flexible Packaging films are used by the world’s best flexible packaging manufacturers, servicing leading global FMCG brands, because we are able to provide a solution for every need - ranging from optical properties, superior printability and low sealing temperature, to high hot tack, low COF and stable COF, which are required for any flexible packaging application.


We understand the importance of the role, that Product Labels plays in creating brand value, besides distinguishing the company’s product from the competition and ensuring legibility of the information printed on it. Our range of Label Films and Coated Labels enable complete information legibility on a constricted surface area available for the brand presentation. The transparent label films offer a perfect ‘no label’ look, while the metallized labels add to the shelf appeal of the pack.


CPP stands for Cast Polypropylene and is produced by a cast extrusion process where polypropylene resins are melted and then stretched in both the machine and transverse directions. This biaxial orientation imparts specific characteristics to the film, making it suitable for various applications. Our CPP films are known for their clarity, sealability, heat resistance, and flexibility, making them widely used in packaging, labelling, and lamination in industries such as food, textiles, and pharmaceuticals.


Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate, or BOPET, is an advanced polyester film valued for its remarkable strength, transparency, and resistance to high temperatures. Renowned for their robust tensile strength and chemical stability, these films serve a multitude of purposes, from packaging and electrical insulation to imaging applications. The unique combination of clarity, durability, and thermal resilience makes BOPET films indispensable in various industries.


Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-Modified (PET-G) is a thermoplastic polyester distinguished by its glycol-enhanced composition, achieved through glycolysis at a molecular level. Renowned for its superior performance, PET-G exhibits remarkable clarity and transparency crucial for applications requiring optical precision. Surpassing standard PET films... Read More

Product Types :

PS Labels Face Stock

PS Labels Face Stock films dominate the home care and personal care product sectors, serving as the go-to solution for self-adhesive label requirements. Our Pressure Sensitive Label Stock (PSL) Films elevate the visual and functional appeal of beverage and pharmaceutical products and stand out for their versatility. These films are specifically designed... Read More

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