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Self Adhesive Labels Manufacturer 

Labels are your product’s brand ambassadors on the store shelf. It not only distinguishes your products but also helps in establishing a brand reputation. At Cosmo Films, we completely understand its importance for your brand and are here to help you with that. We are a leading self-adhesive label films manufacturer, producing a range of labeling solutions to meet every requirement. Our labels flaunt superior quality, high strength, amazing print quality & much more. Scroll down to explore our adhesive labeling solutions.

label face stock films

Pressure Sensitive LabelStock Films

Our Pressure Sensitive LabelStock (PSL) Films are widely used by beverage, personal/home care & pharmaceutical brands for self-adhesive labels. They impart functional benefits & aesthetic appeal to the application, making for a preferred choice of global brands. Our label films are highly durable, resistant to moisture & oil, and repositionable. Also, they are extremely versatile with diverse print processes and can be used for UV, flexography, gravure, letterpress & offset printing.

Available Types:

  • Transparent Pressure Sensitive Labelstock Film
  • White Pressure Sensitive LabelStock Film
  • Metalized Pressure Sensitive LabelStock Film
label face stock films

Wrap Around Label Films

Widely used by top beverage brands around the world, Cosmo Wrap Around films perfectly meet all labeling needs. It allows brands to print elaborate information without comprising the label’s aesthetic appeal. It’s known for unmatched print quality and is compatible with both cut-stack and reel-fed applications.

Available Types:

  • Transparent Wrap Around Label Films
  • Pearlized Wrap Around Label Films
  • Metalized Wrap Around Label Films
label face stock films

In-Mould Label Films

For labels that become a part of your product packaging, we manufacture superior In-Mould label films. These provide an edge to your brand with amazing print & surface finish and flaunt resistance to scuff, wrinkles, cracks, or moisture in rough conditions. Our In-Mould label films are a sustainable solution, promoting recycling.

Available Types:

  • White In Mould Label (IML) Films
  • Transparent In Mould Label (IML) Films
label face stock films

Label Over Lamination Films

Cosmo Label over Lamination films is used for a variety of premium and standard products, adding a layer of protection & aesthetic appeal to the printed surface.

Available Types:

  • Transparent Label Over Lamination Films