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Wrap Around Label Films Manufacturer 

Cosmo Films’ engineered Wrap Around Label Films are being used by most of the well-known beverage brands for their wrap-around label needs, be it reel fed or cut & stack.

These films are available in Transparent, Cavitated White Opaque (CWO), Pearlised, and Metalized variants. These films are also available in Low Density and High-Speed grades. The films can be used as monolayers and also in laminated structures with Over Lamination Films. Wrap-Around Label Films offer enhanced brand presentation, excellent machinability, printability, and good anti-static properties.


Wrap Around Label Films are mostly printed through rotogravure and flexographic printing technologies and are printable with mostly all kinds of inks.


Wrap-Around Labeling can be done by the following two processes-

  • Reel Feed Process- A pre-printed roll is loaded on the machine as input. Thinner films ranging from 30 to 40 microns are used in the process. Hot melt adhesive is applied at one end in the beginning and on the overlap portion of the label.

  • Cut & Stack Process- Pre-printed and die-cut individual labels are stacked as input on the machine. Thicker films of around 50 to 70 microns with good stiffness are used in the process.



Wrap Around label films are majorly used in the wrap around labeling of beverages like Packaged Drinking Water, Soft Drinks, Juices, etc.