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In Mould Labels Manufacturer 

In Mould Labels are widely used for products that require good aesthetics, the durability of the label, and the elimination of an additional step of labeling the container. Affordability and durability are the two main reasons working in favor of this labeling technique. It delivers manufacturing economies and efficiencies without sacrificing the aesthetics of the product packaging. By providing photographic-quality graphics, it performs exceptionally well on thin-walled plastics Packaging and, as a result, has attracted considerable interest from the global manufacturers of spreads, ice cream, and similar high-volume consumer products.

Cosmo films realizing the potential of the technique developed a product at par excellence with global standards mostly originating from Western Europe. Its IML films have a low static charge which offers better dust resistance, better stacking for robotic arm pick up, and good machinability. The low-density product with a density as low as 0.55kg/m3 offers good orange peel effect and of course better yield and is used mostly for small containers.

The standard 0.70 & 0.85 kg/m3 density films go for medium-large containers. The film’s structure is designed in such a way that it offers sparkling gloss to the printable surface and a better bond with the container through its matte surface. The film also offers high opacity & whiteness index.

Transparent In-Mould Label Films have been specially designed to offer in-mould label customers requiring a ‘no label look’ and high transparency for their labels. The film offers high gloss on both sides and can be printed using offset, rotogravure, and flexo printing processes; finding applications for both PP & PE injection moulding.