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Synthetic Paper Manufacturer

Synthetic paper came into existence as a replacement for pulp-based paper in areas where trees were scarce and crude oil was relatively cheaper. The synthetic paper created a niche for itself in applications where durability, weather resistance, and security were desired. Over a period of time, synthetic paper has evolved technically and is now printable with most of the prevalent printing technologies. This has led to its easy adoption in the printing and packaging space.

Cosmo Films is one of the largest players in the emerging synthetic paper market in India and abroad. It’s a non-tearable paper which is waterproof and stacked with similar useful features. With the growing usage of synthetic paper applications in various forms and nature, demand for the latest and improved version of synthetic paper is going to grow in near future.

The improved version of Cosmo Synthetic paper is waterproof and resistant to oils, chemicals, & stains. This version of the paper is also pertinent in today’s scenario where conservation of the environment and sustainability measures are desired. It helps in water conservation, prevents air pollution, and does not make use of hazardous chemicals at the time of manufacturing.

Typical Applications of Synthetic Paper:

  1. Commercial Printing- Maps, Calendars, Posters, Coasters, Menus, Children's Books, Time Tables, Wristbands, Mouse Pads, Hospital Folders, Religious Books, Brochures and Leaflets, Recipe Books, Instruction Manuals

  2. Tags & Labels- Apparel and Footwear Tags/Labels, Paint and other Container Labels, Chemical Drum Labels, Construction Site Stickers, PS Labels for HDPE/PP/PET Containers, Track and Trace Labels/Tags for Supply Chain, Logistics and Inventory Management, Warning Labels on Appliances, Airport Transfer Tags

  3. Retail & Packaging- POP Graphics, Posters, Indoor Billboards, Vertical Banners, Backlit Displays, Swing Stickers, Catalogues, Danglers, Gift Wrapping Paper, Carry Bags

  4. Identification and Credentials- Visiting Cards, Airline Tags, Healthcare/Insurance Cards, Library Cards, Student ID Cards, Membership Cards, National ID Cards, Drivers’ License, Voter ID Cards, Birth and Merit Certificates, Land Documents

  5. Outdoors - Tree Tags, Horticulture Identification Tags, Outdoor Billboards, Signages and Displays, Frontlit and Backlit Displays, Storefront Displays, Displays and Advertisements on Public Transport Vehicles, Bus Shelter Displays, Train Station and Airport, Signages and Displays