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Anti Fog Films 

Anti Fog Films are generally transparent films that go in for fresh fruits/vegetable packaging, salad packaging, and meat packaging applications. The high moisture content in these food items leads to mist formation on the film surface thus affecting the visibility and therefore perceived freshness of the food packed inside. An anti fogging film not only prevents this phenomenon leading to better visibility of the contents inside but also renders the pack a better shelf appeal owing to its enhanced gloss/optics. The film complies with the EC and FDA food contact regulations.

The film is a co-extruded both sides heat sealable, both sides treated BOPP film where printing is done generally on the top side and inner side lends in the anti fogging characteristics. The film works well in a single layer as well as BOPP/AF BOPP laminate structure.

Advantages of Using Anti Fog Films

  • A clear view of the content inside the pack, helping the shopper decide on the freshness of the inside product.

  • The freshness of the products is apparent

  • A superior quality anti fog film has clarity, high gloss as well as sheen for displaying the items well, helping enhance the shelf appeal of the product.

Areas of Application

  • Apart from the packaging industry, anti fogging/anti misting films are used on the window panes to ensure minimal fogging during winter.

  • On the washroom, mirrors to ensure clarity.

  • These films are also used on the goggles, eyeglasses, and protective masks to ensure anti misting and excellent transparency while using them.